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The group appeals to both the hearts and minds of educators. They entertain while at the same time the message hits home.
Sheryl Denbo, Director, Mid-Atlantic Equity Center
For years, The Spoken Word has delivered the joys of self - expression and communication to young people.
Nancy Schwalb, Coordinator, DC Creative Writing Project
Uplifting, culturally-based, and always fun.
C. R. Gibbs, historian and author of Black Explorers

Double Dutch

AJ Everyday [website]

May 2020

How Robbin Ebb Double Dutched Her Way to Russia

DC Retro Jumpers at Red Square

You could say that I literally bunny-hopped my way to Russia. The ‘bunny hop’ is a key part of the Ebb Technique, the method I developed to teach kids and adults how to jump Double Dutch. And it was Double Dutch that led me to becoming a cultural ambassador to Russia.

I’m a coach for DC Retro Jumpers which started in 2004 as a Double Dutch team for adults. An after-school program contacted us, looking for someone to teach it to children and I said yes and roped in my sister, Carlyle, to help me. Now, I teach at four schools around Washington, DC, and lead demos for community centers, libraries, street festivals, birthday parties – wherever I’m asked! With my Ebb Technique: if you can do a bunny hop, I can get you jumping Double Dutch in 10 minutes! [read more…]

DC Retro Jumpers in Russia!

Photos – Click here  or on the image below to view more photos of the DC Retro Jumpers in Russia!

DC Retro Jumpers in Russia!

Prince George’s County Police Officer Dazzles With Double-Dutch Jumping Jacks

By Marina di Marzo
NBC4 Washington (http://www.nbcwashington.com/)

For the second time this summer, double dutch united citizens and police officers — this time, in Prince George’s County.

During Community Day last Saturday at the Victorious Life of Faith Church in District Heights, Maryland, the D.C. Retro Jumpers were performing their show under an outdoor tent. Corporal Alan Jones of the Prince George’s County Police Department was captured on video with an impressive performance that got off to a tough start.

The video opens with Jones failing to make the jump twice. But on that third-time’s-the-charm luck, Jones sustains the jump. More than that, he criss crosses his legs, performs jumping jacks and turns 360 degrees twice — all while weighed down by his utility belt.

“Shout out to Victorious Life of Faith church in District Height MD for hosting the event and the DC Retro Jumpers for making me look good on the ropes,” Jones posted on Facebook.

His video already has 275,000 views.

In late July, Metropolitan Police Department Officer Kandice Young flung herself into action by showing off her double dutch skills while visiting residents on Congress Street SE in D.C.

Published at 3:03 PM EDT on Aug 28, 2015


PG County Police Officer Jumps Into the Mix

In case you haven’t seen the double dutch video that went viral in August, 2015, the DC Retro Jumpers did an exhibition at  Victorious Life of Faith Church for their Community Day. A PG County Police Officer decided  to jump into the mix. Check it out:

The DC Retro Jumpers performed at
a Howard University School of Pharmacy Health Fair, Spring 2013

Double Dutch For Those Who Love It Much!
The DC Retro Jumpers invite you to get your jump on!
Double Dutch at the Phillips Collection
Maybe you did it when you were young and want to do it again –
Maybe you never learned and want to give it a try –
In any event, now is the time for the Summer Double Dutch Event
at Francis Gregory Library
3660 Alabama Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20020
Saturday, June 20, 2015
2:00 p.m.
Bring your flat shoes and come ready to jump!


Featuring the DC Retro Jumpers

Not everybody likes to exercise, but everybody likes to play!

Since 2004, weekly jump rope sessions at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center allow adults who jumped double dutch as children to rediscover (or learn for the first time) this easy and exciting way to incorporate fitness into their lives again. Double Dutch is jump rope turned eggbeater style and is excellent exercise for promoting cardiovascular health. The DC Retro Jumpers is the exhibition team of adult jumpers that is available for high-energy demonstrations and lessons. The DC Retro Jumpers have appeared on WRC-TV, WUSA-TV, Retirement Living TV, The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Afro American, National Public Radio – WAMU-FM and in a documentary on women and fitness for the Department of Health & Human Services. The Adult Double Dutch Program has received funding support from the DC Department of Health-Addiction, Prevention, Recovery Administration and the Edgewood-Brookland Family Support Collaborative. In case you missed it on the news, check out this WUSA-TV Channel 9 story about the DC Retro Jumpers, my fabulous adult double dutch team.

See what The Health Show has to say about Adult Double Dutch.



Joy Jones and Double Dutch Team Members with DC Mayor Adrian Fenty
The DC Retro Jumpers with DC Mayor Adrian Fenty
Photo by Steve Parham.
Photo by Steve Parham  
National Harbor Double Dutch


For more information, contact us at joyjones100@cs.com.